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Drought years bring the need for Soil Testing

Sometimes, information shared within the agricultural community is applicable to home gardeners, whether you are growing vegetables, roses, hostas or anything else. I was just reading an article in an agricultural publication called “Corn and Soybean Digest” (sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? - right after, I sorted my sock drawer) and it highlighted an important point. This year, most of theUnited Stateshas experienced some level of drought. Even the usually-soggy Pacific Northwest has had a record dry summer and fall. TheMidwest, where most of our crops are grown, was hit particularly hard. Folks have been very worried for the health of their plants, particularly corn and soybeans (which go into so many products including livestock).

However, the drought also greatly affects the quality of the soil. The article in question (which can be found here, if you are interested) was discussing the need for additional soil testing after a...

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