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According to John: Great Solution for Lawn Brown/Dry Spots

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Lawns are terribly depressing and unattractive if they are beset with  brown or dry spots. The first step is to figure out what caused the problem. Most likely, the problem is inadequate water. If not, the problem is disease, usually a fungal problem. The symptoms and solutions are different for each problem. If your turf is  brown/ gray and dry, you should immediately provide water to the affected areas. If the turf is diseased, it should immediately be dried out (to allow the pathogens to die back) and infused with beneficial soil microbes, food for microbes and attractants for microbes. Beneficial microbes will out-compete and clear off harmful fungi and other pathogens, while breaking down nutrients to feed the turf.


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Success when Building the Soil

Our friend, John Kohler at Growing Your Greens, produced an excellent video that discusses the pros and cons of building existing soil versus bringing in new soil. He discusses how to use John and Bob's to build the soil (starting about 12 minutes in). Here are a few notable quotes: "When you inoculate your garden space with the beneficial microbes, they do more than just build your soil. They also give your plants disease resistance." "The trace minerals [in Maximize] make your food taste better and make it grow bigger! And your plants will be more resistant to diseases and bugs!" "This product[Nourish] will nourish your plants, encourage microbial growth and it can reduce soil pH. It's also going to help with the bad nematodes with your soil."

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The Soil Food Web-The only mechanism for changing bad soil

The best and only way to physically improve poor soil is by tapping into the power of nature through the Soil Food Web. That’s right the Soil Food Web -- talk about it at your next dinner party. It can do what nothing else can. Good soil structure, tilth and permeability seem like an impossible dream for many with, hard, clay, alkaline, sandy or other problem soils. The Soil Food Web is a name to describe the complex interactions that occur in and around the soil, involving multiple organisms from microscopic bacteria all the way up to animals. This miracle of nature offers us an economical way to physically change everything about bad soil. It is largely misunderstood, under-appreciated and under-utilized.  We have the power to encourage these organisms to thrive and interconnect, and in turn this allows the soil optimizing process to move forward. We offer this infographic to...
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