Value Rich

Organic fertilizer

We created Value Rich to address a market need for an affordable and effective organic Fertilizer –– an alternative to popular, soil-destroying chemical fertilizers. Value Rich improves soil while providing a powerhouse of nutrients to plants through a special organic formulation developed to simultaneously maximize soil life and plant vitality. It improves soil percolation and texture in heavy soil and moisture retention in sandy soil. It’s easy to apply with whirlybird spreader or by hand. A small amount goes a long way; it works for several months, twice as long as soil-damaging traditional fertilizer. Completely safe for use around kids & pets and a great foundation to a chemical free garden/landscape. Value Rich is an excellent, cost effective, all purpose organic fertilizer.

  • organic
  • pet friendly
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  • 10# per 1,000 sq ft
  • 40# per 4,000 sq ft


  1. Feeds plants and beneficial microbes
  2. Acts as both fertilizer and soil conditioner


  1. Derived from meat and bone meal, poultry manure, and feather meal
  2. Contains fully decomposed humus
  3. Contains organic calcium and iron that balance the pH of soil


  • Cast or spread over lawns and gardens by hand or you may use any fertilizer spreader. Water into soil after application and thereafter resume normal irrigation. No digging or tilling required! Will not burn!
  • Apply at least every 3 months during growing season
  • For faster results, thoroughly wet the soil after application
  • Value-Rich will never burn plants and will not harm the soil if over-applied
  • Can be applied right on top of mulch and existing plants
  • 1/4 cup per Small Plant/ Start
  • 1/2 cup per Young Tree/ Shrub
  • 1 cup per Large Tree/ Shrub

Shelf life: 1 year