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ACCORDING TO JOHN: 'Foo-foo' Organics Work on Clay Soil

I recently participated in a large industry show where I tried to convince a buyer for a nursery chain to carry our products in an additional region of the country. He said, “You don’t understand John, they are not into foo-foo organics there. They don’t buy any of this stuff (pointing to our packages). Over there (a specific part of the country) they are pro-poison.”

organic soil amendments for clay soil

Many people think that if a product is organic, it is either expensive, or not effective enough. The simple truth is that our products incorporate the only method out there to fundamentally change clay soil and other problem soils. They just so happen to also be organic.

 Even if poison is your preference, there is no “poisonous” way to change heavy, lousy clay soil, lifeless decomposed...

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Dealing with Clay Soil in a Tropical Garden

We love to receive feedback on our products and to hear how they are helping your plants to grow! We are always happy to answer your questions and discuss any soil or gardening issues you might have. Recently, we got a nice message from someone asking about how to solve clay soil in tropical plant gardens.

“My mother has been using all 4 of your products and her yard is much greener and healthier.  My yard is all palm and tropical plants.  I only use tropical fertilizer in my yard but I am thinking of starting to use the first 3 products you offer because I have very bad clay soil.  I live in San Clemente California.  Even though we added a lot of good soil when all the planting was done 11 years ago, it is still bad clay soil.  Please advise me on the use of your products...

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ACCORDING TO JOHN: Curing Georgia Red Clay

Three years ago, I received a call (one of many over the years) from a gardener in Georgia complaining about her Georgia Red Clay soil and her vegetable garden. She explained that despite all her efforts involving compost, organic matter, and “miracle” amendments over a 20 year period, her soil was just as hard when dry and mucky when wet, as when she began. She said it was almost entirely “unworkable”.

I explained that our John & Bob’s System was the fastest, most convenient and most effective way to change everything about her soil, most especially the workability or digability.   PENETRATE will immediately provide a soil penetrant to open up the soil to air and water, while infusing the soil with bacteria and its food to urgently further the process of building complex life in her soil. This complex life of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and good nematodes...

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According to John: Add Sand to Clay and all you get are Bricks!

A popular gardening myth is that sand should be added to clay soil to improve it and make it lighter. In reality, unless it is added in monumental and impractical amounts, this practice will turn clay soil into a rock hard, mortar like substance. Organic matter, preferably quality compost, is a better choice to fundamentally change clay soil especially if you can add it once or twice per year for several years. It’s interesting to analyze why compost or organic matter can miraculously change heavy clay soil (or sandy soil for that matter). It is not that it does so physically although there is some minor, immediate physical improvement. The magic is in the organic compounds and the microbes that result from organic matter and are in compost that can fundamentally change everything about soil, for the better.

With this in mind, we recommend the John & Bob’s GrowGreen Smart...

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