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Success when Building the Soil

Our friend, John Kohler at Growing Your Greens, produced an excellent video that discusses the pros and cons of building existing soil versus bringing in new soil. He discusses how to use John and Bob's to build the soil (starting about 12 minutes in). Here are a few notable quotes: "When you inoculate your garden space with the beneficial microbes, they do more than just build your soil. They also give your plants disease resistance." "The trace minerals [in Maximize] make your food taste better and make it grow bigger! And your plants will be more resistant to diseases and bugs!" "This product[Nourish] will nourish your plants, encourage microbial growth and it can reduce soil pH. It's also going to help with the bad nematodes with your soil."

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"Meeting John Valentino, A Dirty Tale" by Laura Taylor

Our blog is week is written by Tomato Matters educator Laura Taylor!   Online relationships can be tricky and often misleading.  I’ve had an internet friendship with a man for several years. John always seemed friendly and cheerful.  I thought he seemed genuinely interested and committed to our friendship because he always replied to my emails quickly with enthusiasm.  Our conversations often focused on our mutual interest, a passion for gardening. From time to time we toyed with the idea of getting together to meet in person. We don’t live near each other so it just never seemed to work out. And so it continued, status quo. Now, if you’re thinking this story doesn’t belong on a gardening blog because it’s going to get very dirty…well, it is. But, not the kind of dirty you might be expecting.

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As I said, John and I...

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The Results are in: Garden Bloggers Prefer John and Bob's!

Last Spring, we challenged several prominent garden bloggers all over the United States to try John & Bob's Smart Soil Solutions in their gardens and report back on how their gardens and soil improved by using our innovative 4-part system. You've already seen the video from the amazing results in Shawna Coronado's garden. Now, let's see the results from some of the other bloggers who tested the 4 products!

Gloria Bonde, at Dakota Garden in Hot Springs South Dakota, tried John and Bob's on her citrus trees in indoor containers. Container soil gets depleted over time and would normally have to be replaced but adding John and Bob's on top can revitalize old soil and renew growth! Here are her results:   "The lemon tree is several years old and even though I fertilized and changed the soil the tree wasn't...

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Video: Amazing Tomato Comparison!

You may recall that Laura Taylor, of Laura Taylor in the Home Garden, wrote a guest blog for us a couple of months ago. She is a longtime tomato grower and uses John and Bob’s in her garden. She has seen some fantastic results in helping bring ailing plants back to health, in repairing the soil, and in increasing harvests. This year, however, she conducted an experiment. She planted both beds full of tomatoes. She added her standard recipe of amendments to each planting hole, before placing the tomato in. She added 2 chicken eggshells, 2 handfuls of Dr. Earth fertilizer, 2 tablespoons of Optimize, 1 handful of worm castings, and 1 of handful of Maximize. But, on one bed, she also layered an abundance of all 4 of  John and Bob’s Soil Solutions to the top of the soil. Well, you can see the difference for yourself!

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