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November Newsletter: Garden Gift Guide

The holiday season has arrived and gardeners everywhere are writing their wishlists and getting gifts for each other. What’s on your list this year? John & Bob have a lot of great ideas for holiday (or anytime) gifts for gardeners, beginning or experienced. We have been compiling some of our favorite garden gift ideas on Pinterest. Click here to see our Holiday Gift Ideas board. Check back often because we keep finding cool ideas! We are proud to now offer Garden Gift Packages through our website. Each one is tailored to a specific type of gardening and includes specialized blends of our quality products, along with some of our favorite tools on the market, to make the job easier. If you know someone that needs soil improvement or has been curious...

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Fun, Easy Gardening For All: in Containers!

The idea of growing your own tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs (or whatever you want), is appealing to me and so rewarding to many people. However, some people don’t have the space for a large garden or don’t have the time and energy to make it successful. That is where containers come in handy! Try gardening in small raised containers that can be moved around for the best sun and can be watered easily. It can be very practical! The best potting soil and growing aids can be used so the new seedlings or seeds race out of the chute after planting. They can be placed in convenient spots away from varmints and other deterrents. Containers can be helpful for people that struggle with getting low to the ground. They allow you to garden without having to bend down far or get on your hands and knees. You can even get creative...

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The Soil Food Web-The only mechanism for changing bad soil

The best and only way to physically improve poor soil is by tapping into the power of nature through the Soil Food Web. That’s right the Soil Food Web -- talk about it at your next dinner party. It can do what nothing else can. Good soil structure, tilth and permeability seem like an impossible dream for many with, hard, clay, alkaline, sandy or other problem soils. The Soil Food Web is a name to describe the complex interactions that occur in and around the soil, involving multiple organisms from microscopic bacteria all the way up to animals. This miracle of nature offers us an economical way to physically change everything about bad soil. It is largely misunderstood, under-appreciated and under-utilized.  We have the power to encourage these organisms to thrive and interconnect, and in turn this allows the soil optimizing process to move forward. We offer this infographic to...
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ACCORDING TO JOHN: Soil Microbes that can Talk?!?

On our John & Bob’s website, we have spent considerable effort explaining why and how organic compounds that contain microbes, food for microbes and attractants for microbes represent the only way to improve lousy soil. It’s miraculous how microbes and the principles of the soil food web can physically improve everything about soil and equally miraculous --- it’s the only way to do it. Right up there with the soil changing capabilities of the John & Bob’s system is its pest and disease fighting capabilities. Nature has a mechanism to make sure plants thrive without sickness or pests. Unfortunately, many of our traditional gardening practices damage nature’s way of making sure plants don’t get sick. Nature’s mechanism to make sure plants stay healthy is life in the soil. We don’t usually think that common pests and diseases have some direct relationship to life in the soil. We don’t...

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"Meeting John Valentino, A Dirty Tale" by Laura Taylor

Our blog is week is written by Tomato Matters educator Laura Taylor!   Online relationships can be tricky and often misleading.  I’ve had an internet friendship with a man for several years. John always seemed friendly and cheerful.  I thought he seemed genuinely interested and committed to our friendship because he always replied to my emails quickly with enthusiasm.  Our conversations often focused on our mutual interest, a passion for gardening. From time to time we toyed with the idea of getting together to meet in person. We don’t live near each other so it just never seemed to work out. And so it continued, status quo. Now, if you’re thinking this story doesn’t belong on a gardening blog because it’s going to get very dirty…well, it is. But, not the kind of dirty you might be expecting.

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As I said, John and I...

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