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April Newsletter

This month, we heralded the Soil Food Web, a name to describe the complex interactions that occur in and around the soil involving multiple organisms from microscopic bacteria all the way up to animals. Largely underappreciated, it is the only way to improve soil. By encouraging complex soil interactions we can repair poor, lifeless or hard soil and make it fertile, workable,crumbly! John & Bob’s products assist and supercharge the Soil Food Web, creating fertile living soil with fewer disease problems, healthier growth, better food production with higher nutrient value and stronger root systems. All of this while promoting healthy environments for our kids and pets!

The Soil Food Web

We believe in gardens that produce edible food, inspire us with beauty, encourage activity and interaction, save water and energy, establish a healthy environment with lively soil, and create useful space. Your garden is your...

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November Newsletter: Garden Gift Guide

The holiday season has arrived and gardeners everywhere are writing their wishlists and getting gifts for each other. What’s on your list this year? John & Bob have a lot of great ideas for holiday (or anytime) gifts for gardeners, beginning or experienced. We have been compiling some of our favorite garden gift ideas on Pinterest. Click here to see our Holiday Gift Ideas board. Check back often because we keep finding cool ideas! We are proud to now offer Garden Gift Packages through our website. Each one is tailored to a specific type of gardening and includes specialized blends of our quality products, along with some of our favorite tools on the market, to make the job easier. If you know someone that needs soil improvement or has been curious...

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New Pest & Disease Control products from John & Bob's!

Spring is upon us and it’s time to begin another glorious gardening season. This means it is time to start seeds, get plants in the ground and work on the soil. If you have not yet applied John & Bob’s Soil Solutions to your garden this spring, it’s not too late! Order online today to jump start soil life and nourish your plants. Spring also means that many pests return and can wreak havoc on your precious garden plants, whether they are vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals or flowers. Our Soil Solutions can go a long way towards helping to ward off and crowd out harmful pests and diseases. When abundant soil life is present, there is less room for harmful pathogens and insects to thrive. However, infestations do occasionally still happen. And for those times, we have developed three new products to help. They work with the soil to increase...
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Winter Tomatoes? That’s the Power of Penetrate!

Recently, I got a wonderful letter and some photos from Frances Bonaventura, a happy customer in Lakeside, California (just inland from San Diego). She has been using John and Bob’s dry products (Optimize, Maximize and Nourish) with great success for about 5 years now but called me recently to inquire about the benefits of Penetrate Liquid Bio- tiller. I quickly let her know that it does more than just repair clay soil! The abundance of live bacteria in Penetrate quickly work to enliven soil and release nutrients to plants. They make previously unavailable nutrients easier for plants to uptake so that they can produce more fruit and flowers, have healthier foliage and resist disease and pest attacks. It also includes kelp and other plant compound extracts containing cytokinins and natural vitamins that provide special boosts to plants and soil. Frances agreed to try Penetrate in her garden.

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Rhody Restored! Acid Lovers Love John and Bob's!

We got a wonderful letter from a happy customer who revived his Rhododendron with John and Bob's. Here's his story:   Additional sunlight and John and Bob's Grow Green revitalized my old Rhododendron bush. Many years spent growing in the shade and nutrient-depleted ground next to a 40 ft. tall Colorado Blue Spruce had taken its toll on my Rhody.  

Its long, lean limbs bore little foliage and even fewer blooms - rendering it Dr. Seuss-like in appearance. Over the ten years my wife and I have lived in our current home we had debated several times whether or not to remove the scrawny, gangly Rhody and put it out of its misery.   The Rhody got a welcomed 'stay-of-execution' when for multiple reasons the Colorado Blue Spruce had to be removed. Removing the tree introduced additional sunlight for the Rhody and an additional 20 x 20 ft. space...

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